Meet Greg Meyer, Founder/CEO Hampton’sFit! (Naples) too!


We caught up with Greg while he was here running “Boot Camp” at The  Naples Grande.


Greg spent 10+ years in the industry as a teaching professional, manager, and leader. Over time he noticed some deficiencies in the business and looked to make improvements by enhancing the experience for both his professionals and athletes in the Hamptons,  Naples (FL) and Miami (FL).


Greg Meyer attended Naples High School and graduated in 2004. He then moved on to the University of South Florida (class of 2007). After graduating he launched his career in the tennis industry, holding various positions in Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, and eventually New York.

After several years in New York, Greg launched his new company, Hampton’sFit which saw substantial success in The Hamptons and NYC. From his time living and working in South Florida, he felt that the Hampton’sFit model would do well in Naples .


Q: Greg, are you from Naples?
A: I consider Naples my hometown, I went to HS here at Naples HS, and then went to college up in Tampa, I’ve been down here a while, but currently live up in New York.


Q: Where are you from originally? Ohio, Cincinnati, moved down here when I was a teenager, 13 or 14 for tennis and stayed down here a while.


Q: Where do you live now?
A: I live near West Hampton, on Long Island, NY


Q: What do you do there?
A: I started a company called Hampton’s Fit, we do tennis, fitness training, swim, massage, a number of categories, and we actually recently launched down here in Naples as well.


Q: What do you do in Naples if you actually live in the Hampton’s? How do you benefit the people in Naples?
A: We brought on, and hired, a number of professionals here as well,  tennis pros, yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage, and  even swim instructors.  I’m trying to come down and spend most of the winter here as I’m also one of the tennis pros on the platform.


Q: You are the Owner/Founder, CEO of the company?
A: Yes, started the Company this year in April, 2018, we officially launched up in NY, had a good year up there, and wanted to leverage that position a little bit, as you know, the Hamptons crowd overlaps with the Florida crowd on the East coast of FL primarily, but also in Naples.


Q: While you’re back down here in Naples, what are some of your favorite things?
A: Enjoying the weather, you learn to appreciate it a little bit more now, when we’re up in New York it’s so depressing this time of year. It’s nice to come down here get a little bit of sunshine, play tennis, visit the beach, walk around downtown, the normal touristy Naples stuff.


Thanks Greg, we’re glad your here!

Nancy Bjork of John R. Wood Propertieswould love your Faces nominations.

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