Meet Linda & Paul Travis from Canada.

Linda and Paul spend a lot of time exploring Naples on their bikes.
Linda said, “it’s a great way to see the area and stay fit”!


Q:  So I have to ask you, What kind of bikes are these?  
A:  These are recumbent trikes from England, we’ve had these about 6 years, they give us our exercise while we are here. 

Q:  These look expensive?  
A:  Well the base price is about $4K each, we’ve added to it, and we changed our gearing system, we are up around 5K to 6K for both bikes.  

Q:  Why are these bikes such great exercise, and are they hard to ride?
A:   First of all, I have balance issues so on a two-wheeler I focus more on staying on the bike than the gears. Today we are out for 25 miles, that’s our average, and it’s something we can do together.

Q: Any Favorite restaurant in Naples?  
A: On Third Street, Campiello, there are some wonderful restaurants, I like that one because I like Italian, but there are a lot of good restaurants down here.

 Q:  You have been coming down to Naples for 9 years, What is one of your favorite things in Naples?  
A: Fifth Avenue! I like the ease that there is down here riding, we feel safe, I  like the rules of the road down here too.

Q:  Any restaurants you stop at while riding?   
A:  We like to stop at fit and fuel for our lunch break.

Q:  When do you typically head back home to Barrie, Ontario?
A. We go home in April, we are only allowed to be here, for 182 days, we are very careful that we get back under that. 

Q: Is there anything you would like people to know about Naples?
A: We travel with our two cats and our little Yorkie. We have great friends down here, people are friendly, the food is great the shopping is great, the weather is fabulous, I couldn’t think of not coming down here for the winter.

Linda & Paul Travis from Barrie Ontario Canada 

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